Praise of Madness It is not a question here of the beings who seem to have lost the consciousness of themselves and who live in a parallel world where they are the only ones to know the secrets. There is "a madness" that is not the effect of the results of the drug but the unveiling of another aspect of our being "the soul" or the order of the heart, access to this dimension makes us to perceive another reality which has its own logic, we say irrational: we reach here the limits of rationality. Some schools of psychology, such as Jungian psychology, recognize the idea that there is something that dwells in man and precedes human consciousness. The Qur'anic tradition sheds light on this subject by saying that it is the fitra, a spark that is in search of transcendence, which raises the question of the meaning of life, the meaning of existence, an impulse that God has placed within the heart of every human being, which is the essence of the bond between man and the divine, a debt that man has to render by the recognition in the consciousness of the divine, even to those who denies, it will be said that this spark is veiled or sealed, but it remains inside being, as the Koran translates: "And when your seignior took kidneys from the sons of adan their descendants and made them testify against them even [ ask them]: "Am I not your lord? They answered yes we are testifying. And so that you can not say the day of the resurrection "we did not know" 6, and we also have in another verse, the understanding of this momentum: "And direct your face [your being] into a sincere monotheist, the natural disposition with which God [will Allah] has created men. There is no change in the creation of God. That is the right [eternal] religion, but the majority of people do not know "7. This is what the historian of religions Mircea Eliade visiting the most distant countries of the world affirmed by saying that "the religious is constitutive of the structure of human consciousness". The role of all the revelations that God has sent at some point in human history is to awaken what is buried in man and forgotten. It is only when man returns to the spark of his heart by following the path traced by the prophets and messengers of God that he achieves inner peace with himself, with his fellow beings and with creation; it is this return within oneself that makes us to be a real man : we are liberated from all that colonizes our heart like our ego, the love of appearance, the love of power, the love of money and the things of the life of this world, what is called the minor association so that we can find our healthy heart nourishes and connects with the divine only; to new sensations, to new perceptions, to a new life, to the true Life, as the Qur'an points out: "Oh, you who bear faith, answer to God and His messenger when He calls you to what you makes "Living" 8,that’s Yung calls the process of "individuation". It is a personal transformation, following the encounter with its inner light that he calls "the universal unconscious". Unfortunately in the materialistic world in which we live where all that is not rational is necessarily madness, we see more and more people who discover their spiritual side despite their access to new perceptions like synchronicities "almost magical, "very intense sensations that they do not really get to understand, so most of them end up in psychiatric hospitals and we invent them disorders: Bipolar disorder, Manic Access etc. Modern psychology does not integrate the spiritual aspect of the human. It is claimed to be able to treat these "patients" with drugs with side effects that destroy the person very slowly.

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