Psychologist, Psychology and Spirituality This job is strange: we have to pay someone to be listen, to be comfort, to be advise. Surprisingly, the psychologist has no relationship of affinity with the patient, how can one create a total break with some one who has confided in us? We have a timed relationship and we are reduced to our trouble. Accompanying someone in order to make profit, is not an accompaniment, it is a perversion of the human relationship: the psychologist is not really interested in our relief but simply his fees at the end of each session. Also psychiatrists or psychologists want you to tell them that their treatment has done you good and that it is thanks to them that you feel better, which is completely false. All the "drugs" they give you will degrade you internally, you become like an unaffected zombie and some "drugs" have irreversible side effects. As far as I was concerned, I was forcibly confined to a psychiatric hospital for 1 month and these doctors were unable to tell me what I was suffering they simply told me that I had too much energy and that it was not normal. What is most disturbing is that once you get back into their gear, they want to make you a patient for life you actually become dependent on them you will never be completely independent; they will tell you if you leave the "drugs", you will relapse again -normally a drug is supposed to cure a bad that we have identified gold here it is not the case, they do not even know how the " the medicine they give us acts upon us, they only grope; Although some theories of psychology make it possible to understand certain human behaviors and even to manipulate them, psychologists and psychiatrists have no power to cure mental illnesses: For example, Dr. Breurer's patient, Anna O, is known (Bertha Pappenhein ) presented by Freud in his book The Five Lessons of Psychoanalysis was never cured of its former hydrophobicity by means of sessions of psychoanalysis, anxiety and alcohol were his refuges contrary to what was reported to us by Freud. Personally I had difficulties in life to lead me to a depression and I repeat that the psychiatrists and the psychologists only accentuated my evil being which really saved me: I sought a solution for to get out of the depression that made me walk by the side of life: it is the religion, in particular the Moslem religion, which has delivered me from my evil how has this been done? Islam has a conception of man that states that there is something in the heart of man a spark within us that is in search of transcendence that is not immediately accessible by the reason but who will become . It is this spark that drives us to ask the existential questions, the meaning of life, the meaning of death. This impulse, this breath, is called fitra, and when this momentum finds its answer, we find an inner peace. In the Muslim tradition, as in all monotheistic traditions, the answer is that there is a God and that he has a life after life, there are certainly differences in the monotheistic traditions, but what is fundamental in the Muslim religion, once momentum has found its answer, we must now walk within ourselves to find God and free ourselves from our ego by applying the Islamic way, sharia law is not but the way that leads us to make it our spark, this will give us a real inner peace: we have a life of the heart that gives us a new life: our emotions are positive; our healthier bodies and our more insightful intelligence: this is possible because we have found our inner light and live in harmony with it; there is also a light that springs from our face. It must be understood that all this is accessible only through experimentation. This conception of man is shared by monotheistic religions, but the path or methodology to access it is not the same and there are fundamental differences. It should be added that in spiritualities as in the Buddhist tradition even if there is no God, they say something fundamental that is shared by all monotheistic religions to know that the human being does not access harmony and inner freedom that with self-mastery we need to free ourselves from our ego to achieve harmony with ourselves, with human beings and with nature.

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