Political Legitimacy in Islam: Call for Papers - CILE's New Peer-Reviewed Journal

The Center for the Study of Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) is pleased to invite interested academic researchers to submit their contributions to a special thematic issue of its Journal of Islamic Ethics (JIE) dealing with "political legitimacy in Islam." The Journal is open to academic researchers in the humanities, social sciences, and religious studies. We accept submissions in English, Arabic and French. The deadline of submitting the complete articles is 15/02/2017.

Call for Research Papers Ijtihad in Contemporary Context: Concept, Functions and Methods (27-29) September 2016

In its quest for developing the scientific research and reviving Islamic legislation and ethics studies, the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) has the pleasure to invite scientists and researchers to contribute their research papers to the special seminar organized by the methodology and ethics unit at the Center, under the theme: “Ijtihad (Juristic Deduction) in Contemporary Context: Concept, Functions and Methods”, as it comes within the vision and framework specified in the (

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