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[Dates updated] Call for Papers: Policies, Regulations & Bioethics of Genomic Research

In collaboration with the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE), Qatar Genome Programme (QGP) will organize an international conference on the Policies, Regulations, and Bioethics of Genomic Research. This is a two-day conference which will take place in Doha, Qatar on 29-30 April 2018. The second day of the conference will be dedicated to the Islamic bioethical perspectives.  

Scholars, academics and researchers are invited to submit their research papers on the three themes which will be addressed during the second day of the conference. Submitted papers will be reviewed and the selected papers will be part of a peer-reviewed publication project.

NOTE: In order to make sure that your submitted paper will fall within the scope of the conference, please read the attached Background Paper carefully before you start working on the paper.


Authors whose papers are accepted for the conference will be offered the following:

  • Joining the refereed publication plan of the proceedings of the conference.
  • Translating the submitted papers into Arabic or English.
  • Covering the travel and accommodation costs during the two days of the conference.

Submission & Deadline

Those who are interested should send

  • (A) A brief biography (max. 500 words) outlining the applicant’s academic background, main research interests and key publications.
  • (B) Full paper (6000-7500 words), not later than 10 March 2018. We accept papers written in either Arabic or English. Please note that submissions received after this deadline can still be considered for the publication plan, but the authors will not be invited for the conference.

Submissions should be sent to submit (@) cilecenter ( . ) org. For any inquiries about this call-for-papers or about the accompanying Background Paper, please contact Dr. Mohammed Ghaly who directs the CILE research unit ‘Islam and Biomedical Ethics’.

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