Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics to Host Seminar on Political Fiqh

The Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE), a member of Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS), and Hamad bin Khalifa University, will be hosting a closed seminar on 13-14 May, to discuss the draft plan on Islam and Political Ethics.

Dr Mohamed El-Moctar El-Shinqiti, a prominent political thinker and Professor of Islam and Political Ethics at CILE, will moderate the discussion. Dr El-Shinqiti has been working on developing a research plan focused on the field of political ethics. It is based on CILE research vision and methodology, which calls on researchers to examine Islamic values in each area of research, define a practical set of objectives and priorities, and develop useful projects and programs that reflect the center’s vision and mission.

The discussion about Islam and Political Ethics will provide participants with a critical overview of Islamic contributions in the field of political Fiqh, while attempting to establish the strengths, weaknesses, and shortcomings that require further consideration. In addition, the gathering will clarify and shed light on the Islamic legal foundations related to recent political transformations in Islamic countries. Participants will also talk about the reasons for the decline in political Fiqh and the imbalance between theoretical principles and procedural approach in political work.

On the seminar’s first day, experts will address the approaches adopted by Muslim scholars in relation to political Fiqh and some of the major issues that our contemporary era faces. Those issues include the basis of social contract in the modern state, how to establish a state of equal citizenship under Islamic rule for people of different religions, and the meaning of Shariah application in the modern age.

On the second day, seminar participants will contribute insights and suggestions on research projects including, “The Main Political Values”, “Encyclopaedia of Political Sunnah”, “Dictionary of Political Islam”, “Manual of Researchers in Political Fiqh”, and the project of “Islamic Declaration of Rights and Freedoms”.

To support the discussions, a renowned group of researchers will participate in the seminar. The participants are: Dr Radwan El-Sayed, Professor of Islamic Studies in the Lebanese University in Beirut; Dr Louay Safi, Professor of Public Policy in Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies; Abdelali Hamidine, Professor of Constitutional Law in Mohammed V University, Rabat; Dr Mohammed Amezzian, Professor of Islamic Political Thought in Qatar University; Dr Muetaz Al-Khatib, Assistant Professor at CILE.

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