Videos of CILE Second Annual International Conference

Videos of CILE Second Annual International Conference
15-16 March 2014

“ Ethics in a Changing World: Contemporary Perspectives ”



Opening session and keynote speech by Mrs. Reem Maghribi

“Ethics and environment crisis: proposing solutions and changing behavior”

Panel Discussion
“Environment crisis: How effective religious ethics can be in proposing solutions and changing behavior?”
Panelists: Saif Al Hajari, David Dent, Djamel Mefaredj, Osman Bakr

Keynote speech by Tawakul Karman
“Religious values and gender relations: Islamic perspective”

Panel Discussion
“What contribution of religious values in establishing more equitable gender relations?”
Panelists: Amira Sonbol, Ahmed Raissouni, Adis Duderija, Mohamed Mohammadi

Keynote speech by Dr Malik Badri
“Religion, spirituality and psychology: Islamic perspective”

Panel Discussion
“How should religion and spirituality play a role in inspiring one’s psychological health?”
Panelists: Abdulhakeem Al Khelaifi, Mohammed Yassir Fazaga, Mamoun Mobayed, Taibi Ghomari

Keynote speech by Waddah Khanfar
“Religion, Media Ethics: Islamic Perspective”

Panel Discussion
“What is the role of religion in reconciling clashing values in the field of media ethics?”
Panelists: Moataz Al Khatib, Sadia Malik, Noureddine Miladi, Mahmoud Yousef Alsamasiri

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