Videos of CILE California Summer School 2019

We are very happy to share with you all videos of CILE California Summer School 2019 that took place last July. Topic was:

Islamic Ethics: Theological, Methodological and Applied Issues

We would like to thank again all stakeholders that made this event possible: California Islamic University, its Director Mustafa Umar and Hakem, the Islamic Institute of Orange County and all its members, CILE Professors and of course, last but not least, all the students, local or coming from far. May Allah reward each one of them.


Day 1: Islamic Ethics: a Theological Perspective


Session 1: Mustafa Umar - Chauki Lazhar - Dr Mohamed Ghaly: Introduction of CILE California Summer School 2019


Session 2: Chauki Lazhar - Towards an Islamic Ethicotheology


Session 3: Dr Mohamed Ghaly - Public Lecture - Islamic Bioethics, Introduction to an Emerging Field


Day 2: Islamic Ethics: Epistemology and Methodology


Session 1: Chauki Lazhar - Islamic Ethics: Resuming Ibn Taymiyya’s Epistemological Revolution


Session 2: Dr Mohamed Ghaly - Islamic Ethics: Mapping the Field


Session 3: Chauki Lazhar - Public Lecture - Ethics, Revelation and the Universe



Day 3: Islamic Bioethics: The Emergence of Contemporary Applied Islamic Ethics


Session 1: Dr Mohamed Ghaly - The Role of Biomedical Scientists in Contemporary Islamic Bioethics: Ijtihād


Session 2: Dr Mohamed Ghaly - Islamic Bioethics in the Age of Genetics



Day 4: Sightseeing Tour in downtown Los Angeles


Day 5: Islamic Ethics and Gender


Session 1: Mustafa Umar - Gender Differentiation in Revealed Texts: Juridico-Theological Conceptions and Islamic Ethics


Session 2: Chauki Lazhar - The Attitude of Classical Scholarship Toward Gender Differentiation in Revealed Texts


Session 3: Chauki Lazhar - Mustafa Umar - Public Lecture - The Concept of Femininity in Islam



Day 6: Islamic Ethics, Migration and Human Rights


Session 1: Dr Ray Jureidini - Migration and Human Rights: Contemporary Crises from an Ethical Perspective


Session 2: Dr Ray Jureidini - Migration, Xenophobia and Islamophobia


Session 3: Dr Mohamed Ghaly - Public Lecture - Islamic Bioethics: Key Challenges Ahead




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