Dear Academic Researches,

In pursuit of attracting the best-talented researchers in the field of Islamic studies, the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) cordially invites you to submit papers for its Second International Conference to be held during the period 15-16 March 2014 in Doha, Qatar. Submitted papers should fit within one of the four panels of the conference:

1. Ethics & Environment
2. Ethics & Psychology
3. Ethics & Gender Studies
4. Ethics & Media

Please send an abstract (300-500 words) to the CILE explaining the main idea of the prospective manuscript and its relevance to the main themes of the conference. A brief curriculum vitae (max. 500 words) including the author’s academic background and a list of published works should also be attached. The Center will reply to all submissions in this regard. Upon receiving an acceptance reply, the writer should embark upon writing the paper within the required timeline.

The manuscript may be an essay (max. 5000 words) or a short article (up to 3000 words). In both cases, the writer should stick to the Author Guidelines adopted by the CILE as outlined in the document “CILE Editorial and Publication Policy” attached with this message and published on CILE’s website (

The Center accepts papers written in English, French and Arabic. The researcher may present his/her manuscript in one of these languages as there will be simultaneous translation during the conference. The deadline for submitting abstracts and CVs is 10 December 2013 while the deadline for the final drafts is 10 January 2013.

All submitted manuscripts will undergo a peer-review process and the Center will host the writers of the selected papers. The Center will afford all travelling and accommodation costs to enable the researchers to present their papers during the conference. Additionally, a financial reimbursement of 1000 USD will be assigned for every accepted essay, and 700 USD for every accepted article and thereby the Center will preserve the copyright of each submitted work and may translate it into any language and publish it in its journal, on its website or through any other appropriate means.

For submitting your abstract and for further information, please contact Dr. Mohamed El-Moctar at (


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