Ruqaia Taha Jabir Al-Alwani & Mamoun Mobayed
Area of Research
13/14 Formulating A Frame Of Reference For Terminology Issues In Relation To Woman And Family Matters

Confusing concepts and terms such as “equality,” “justice,” “freedom,” “masculinity” and “femaleness” – and the consequential roles and functions – are most significant intellectual circles that invoke a series of serious debates in the absence of intellectual and field projects of theorization that might largely ensure proper discussion. Therefore, the main article of this book attempts to develop a frame of reference within which it is possible to read these controversial terms taking into consideration their historical, intellectual and political contexts. It also explores the urgent need to establish a balanced discourse capable of introducing effective real solutions to the suffocating crises surrounding the family institution and endangering its very existence. The process of establishing a system for this universal balanced discourse makes it necessary to have accredited, authoritative references agreed upon by all parties concerned. This system must be founded upon a universal reference with universal objectives that win wide acceptance among reasonable people of all religious and cultural backgrounds. It is embodied in the global standards of ethics, which means   basic agreement on existing common values, constant criteria and principled personal stands.

The response to this article highlights some aspects of the issues of women and gender in general explored in the main article makes some additions where necessary in view of Maqasid al-Sharia (Higher Objectives of Sharia) arguing that it provides a methodology that allows undertaking a serious process for the renewal of gender and women’s issues.  


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