CILE has hosted a number of international seminars as part of its effort to enhance its specialized research activities by engaging specialists in Islamic Studies (“Scholars of Text”) and scholars in the fields of applied ethics (“Scholars of Context”) and facilitating and exploring the communication between religious scholars and scientists.

CILE has currently permanent faculty members who are responsible for research activities, including organizing seminars, in four of the above mentioned fields, namely:

  1. Medicine & Bioethics
  2. Migration & Human Rights
  3. Politics
  4. Methodology of Islamic Ethics

Past Muslim scholars and scientific experts of these convenings include Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Ibn Yusuf Al-Judai’, Sheikh Dr Larbi Becheri, Dr. Essam Tallema, Dr. Jonas Otterbeck, Dr. Abdelkrim Berrechid, Dr. Ali Al Omarey, Zarqa Nawaz, and Ruh al-Alam, and Dr. Chauki Lazhar.

CILE offers generous scholarships for academics and researchers worldwide to organize international seminars. To propose and collaborate with CILE to organize an International Seminar, find more information here