Almost annually, the Doha-based Research Center on Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) hosts its international conference on Islamic ethics, drawing international keynote speakers, renowned scholars, academicians, and researchers from around the world to present their research and engage in deep intellectual debate, dialogue, and reflection. Since its inaugural conference in 2013, CILE's annual international conference (CAIC) has engaged in a myriad of contemporary issues pertaining to ethics in arts, politics, gender, economics, migration and human rights, and biomedicine from a multidisciplinary approach. The core mission of CILE's annual international conference is threefold: 

  1. to address critical theoretical as well as methodological questions regarding the meaning, scope, challenges, dynamics, authorities, reality, principles and case studies of religious discourse in the public sphere, with particular emphasis on the digital age;
  2. to facilitate scholarly exchange and intellectual debate among scholars and the audience on the topics and issues; and 
  3. to contribute to the substantive knowledge and understanding of contemporary emerging phenomena from an ethical perspective.