Dr. Yahya El Yahaoui
Professor of Knowledge Economics at Mohammed V University

Dr Yahya El Yahyaoui was born in Morocco in 1961. He is an award winning scholar and expert in communications and information technologies. He furthered his graduate studies in France, Canada and Morocco. He earned his PhD from Mohamed V University in Rabat upon completion of his thesis: “The governance of Digital Networks: the Case for Internet in Morocco”. He is a visiting professor at the School of Information Sciences, the faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, and the faculty of law, Mohamed V University in Rabat, Morocco. He served as an expert for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and for the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), and for the Ministry of Culture in Morocco. He was awarded the Grand Prize of Morocco in 1996 for his book, The Telecommunications’ Resistant Mutations: State, Monopoly, Deregulation and Competition. The International Association of Arab Translators (WATA) also awarded him for his body of work in 2007. He has authored thirty books and numerous articles in Arabic and French.