Dr. Rajai Ray Jureidini
Professor of Migration, Human Rights and Ethics

Dr Ray Jureidini is a recent appointment as Professor of Migration, Human Rights and Ethics at CILE. He grew up in Australia, completing his studies in industrial and economic sociology at the Flinders University of South Australia. He completed his BA in 1977, majoring in sociology and psychology; first class Honours in sociology with a thesis on producer cooperatives in 1979; PhD thesis on Moral Values in Economic Life: a case study of life insurance and superannuation (1987). His research interests include migration, human and labour rights, human trafficking, gender discrimination, racism and xenophobia.  In the 1990s, he was a co-founder and vice-chairman of the Australian Arabic Council, established to counter anti-Arab racism in Australia, as well as founder and editor of the Journal of Arabic, Islamic and Middle East Studies. After teaching Sociology in five universities in Australia, he spent 6 years at the American University of Beirut from 1999 where he began researching and publishing on human rights abuses of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon. At the American University in Cairo from 2005, he became director of the Center for Migration and Refugee Studies in 2008 and conducted a number of research projects on migrant and refugee issues. In 2011-14, he returned to Lebanon at the Institute for Migration Studies at the Lebanese American University. In 2012-13 he served one year as consultant to the Migrant Worker Welfare Initiative at the Qatar Foundation in Doha, contributing to the QF Standards for Migrant Worker Welfare for contractors and sub-contractors and completing a report on labor recruitment to Qatar. To see his podcast videos, click here.