Dr. Mu'taz A. Al Khatib
Assistant Professor of Methodology

Mu’taz Al Khatib is Assistant Professor of Methodology and Ethics at CILE. He holds a BA in Islamic Studies, from Damascus (1997) and a BA in Arabic literature from Al-Azhar University, Cairo (1998).  He received his MA in 2002 and PhD in 2009 on "The Textual Critical Approach of Hadith: A Study into the Methods of Traditionalists (Muhaddithun) & Legal Theorists (Usuliyun)", published in Beirut, 2011. Mu'taz is a founding member of al-Multaqah al-Fikri li al-Ibdaa' (Intellectual Forum for Innovation, 1999), and was the anchor of Alsharia and Life program, on Al Jazeera channel (2004-2013).  He served as Editor-in-Chief of "Islam and Contemporary Affairs" at IslamOnline.net (2003-2008). He was a visiting fellow at ZMO, Berlin (2006), and visiting scholar at the Forum Transregionale Studien, Berlin (2012-2013). Mu'taz has also been a visiting lecturer at the Islamic University of Beirut and Qatar University. He has presented invited lectures at various academic institutions including Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall) at the University of California; Institute for Transregional Study of the Contemporary Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia at Princeton University; Institute for the Near and Middle East at the University of Ludwig-Maximilians, Munich; and the University of Osnabrück, Germany.
He is reviewer for a number of journals including Islamization of Knowledge from the International Institute of Islamic Thought; Journal of al-Tajdīd  from the International Islamic University, Malaysia; and the Arab Center for Research & Policy Studies, Qatar.  Mu'taz is also author and editor of several books and over twenty academic articles on Hadith criticism, Islamic interpretation methods, Islamic intellectual history, and Islamic Law. He has written numerous journal articles for Arabic language newspapers and magazines, including Al-Hayat, Weghat Nazar, and al-Manār al-Jadīd. To see his podcast videos (only in Arabic), click here.