Dr. Mohammed Ghaly

Dr. Mohammed Ghaly is professor of Islam and Biomedical Ethics at the Research Center for Islamic Legislation & Ethics (CILE) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Doha, Qatar. He has a B.A. degree in Islamic Studies from Al-Azhar University (Egypt) and M.A. and PhD degrees in the sae specialization from Leiden University (the Netherlands). During the period 2013-2007, Ghaly was a faculty member at Leiden University.

The intersection of Islamic Ethics and biomedical sciences is Ghaly’s main specialization. He is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Islamic Ethics (published by Brill). Since 2011, Ghaly has been a faculty member at the Erasmus Mundus Program; the European Master of Bioethics, jointly organized by a number of European universities. Ghaly lectured on Islamic (bio)ethics at many universities worldwide including Imperial College London, Oxford University, University of Oslo, University of Chicago and Georgetown University.

Ghaly was affiliated as Visiting Scholar/Researcher with a number of universities including the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University, USA (academic year 2015- 2014), School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography at the University of Oxford (academic  year  2018-2017)  and  School  of  Philosophy  at  the  Erasmus  University Rotterdam (academic year 2019-2018).

Besides his book Islam and Disability: Perspectives in Theology and Jurisprudence (Routledge, 2010) and  the edited volumes Islamic Perspectives on the Principles of Biomedical Ethics (Imperial College & World Scientific, 2016) and Islamic Ethics and the Genome Question (Brill, 2019), Ghaly is the single author of more than thirty peer- reviewed publications and serves on the editorial board of a number of academic journals. He is also the Lead Principal Investigator (LPI) and research consultant of a number of funded research projects. His publications can be accessed via