Dr Ismail Hassani

Ismail Hassani was born in Meknes, Morocco in 1963. He teaches Higher Objectives of Islamic Law and Modern Islamic Jurisprudence since 1993 at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakesh, Morocco. Hassani received various awards, including Allal al-Fassi Award that he received in 1996 for his study of the origin of the critical theory in the literature of Allal al-Fassi. He also received Abdallah Guennoun Award for his book ’Ilm al-Maqasid: al-A’lam, al-Magalat, al-Mafahim (Higher Objectives Science: Scholars, Fields and Concepts) in 2003.

His most famous books include; Nathariyat al-Maqasid ‘Ind al-Imam Muhammad al-Tahir ibn Ashur (Higher Objectives Theory According to Imam Muhammed al-Tahir ibn Ashur ) which was translated to various languages, Al-Tajdid Wa al-Nathariya al-Naqdiya: Dirasa Fi Khitab al-Tajdid al-Islami Fi al-Maghrib (Newness and Critical Theory: A Study in Islamic New Discourse in Morocco), Al-Ikhtilaf Wa al-Tafkir Fi Fiqh al-Aqaliyat (Difference and Thought in Jurisprudence on Minorities), Al-Ijtihad Wa Maqasid al-Shari’a Fi al-Maghrib al-Hadith (Innovation and Shari’a Higher Objectives in Modern Morocco), Maqasid al-Shari’a al-Islamiya Wa Makarimaha (Islamic Shari’a Higher Objectives and Its Values. It is a study and connotation of the book written by Allal al-Fassi), Al-Iqtirad al-Banki Wa al-Idtirar al-Shar’I (Bank Loan and Juristic Obligation), Maqasid al-Shari’a Wa As’ilat al-Fikr al-Maqasedi (al-Shari’a Higher Objectives and Its Thoughtful Questions), and Al-Ikhtilaf Wa al-Tafkir Fi al-Quran al-Karim (Difference and Thought in the Holy Qur’an).