holds a PhD in Philosophy and Civilization Studies from University Putra Malaysia (2004) and MA in Comparative religions and Islamic Thought from the International Islamic University Malaysia (1998) and a BA in Comparative Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Islamic and Social sciences, Batna University, Algeria (1994). He is currently an associate professor of Comparative and Philosophy of Religions, Department of Comparative religion, at QFIS, Qatar. He worked previously at the International Islamic University as an Assistant Researcher, Head of Research at the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Batna University Algeria, and an Associate professor of Islamic studies (Islamic Creed, Ethics, Culture, Civilization, and Orientalism studies) at the Faculty of Arts, King Faisal University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  His research interests include; Philosophy and Comparative Religions, Culture and Civilization, History of ideas, Philosophy of History and Islamic Philosophy. He received the Lamia al-Faruqi Award for academic excellence 1997. He is a member of the Committee of Academic Affairs, QFIS, since October 27, 2015, AB Committee member, CILE, QFIS, since January 2015.

He was the president of the Scientific Committee of the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, University of Batna, Algeria, 2008-2009. Member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Arts, University of Batna, Algeria, since 2008-2009. Member of the Scientific Committee of the Social and Human Sciences Review, Batna University, Algeria, since January 2008. Member of the editorial committee of the Review of The Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Batna University, since June 2008. Founder and Director of Master's project in "the philosophy of civilization", Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, University of Batna, Algeria: the first specialized graduate program in the philosophy of civilization in the Algerian universities, 2009. Dr. Badrane has supervised research theses at the levels of Masters and PhD, and has participated in over 25 national and international conferences, published two books, and over 12 academic articles, and many articles in newspapers and websites.