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Invitation to a Public Lecture: “The Consequences of Wars on Contemporary Middle Eastern Societies (the case of Iraq, Syria and Yemen)”

The Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE), a member of Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies in Hamad Bin Khalifa University cordially invites you to its upcoming public lecture entitled: “The Consequences of Wars on Contemporary Middle Eastern Societies (the case of Iraq, Syria and Yemen)”.  This event will be held on May 10th , from 7 to 9 pm in Conference Room 1, ground floor, QFIS building, Education City.

The Middle East region has since ancient been a scene of violence and wars. It is currently considered as one of the most hot areas in the world where fierce and devastating wars take place. A number of social scientists and researchers tried to address this phenomenon to analyze and determine the nature of the conflict in the region and identify the causes of these wars and their consequences.

However, most of their works tend to focus on political analysis and often miss the social and moral analysis of the causes of the wars and their consequences on the individual, society and the state. Iraq, Syria and Yemen, are the most important Middle Eastern societies that live in this bloody war era. The wars in these societies have devastating effects on all levels, particularly at the individual, society, state, the environment and the economy.

In this lecture, the researcher will try to briefly address some important theoretical and conceptual issues that help to understand the subject and then provide a systematic analysis of the grave consequences of the war in Iraq, Syria and Yemen on the individual, society and the state. He hopes that this lecture will advance the level of systematic understanding of the wars in the Middle East societies and increase awareness of their devastating effects.

The lecture will be presented by Dr. Fethi Ahmed, Research Coordinator at CILE. Dr. Fethi’s main research interests include contemporary issues in Sociology and Muslim societies, Applied Ethics, and Islamic Thought and Civilization.  He holds a PhD in Political Sociology, an MA in Islamic Studies and a BA in Applied Sociology and Statistics.


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