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As you now know, we will hold our most important event of the year: CILE 5th Annual International Conference, after 20162014 and 2013 in Doha (Qatar) and 2015 in Brussels (Belgium),

The theme of this year "Conflict and Resistance Ethics: Towards a critical understanding of Jihad and Just War" will be discussed in the light of the following 3 panels (we explain why we have chosen these themes for this year here):

  • Conflict
  • Resistance
  • Ethics

International public speakers from all over the world will join  the debates (see the program here) including 2 keynote speakers. We want this edition to be interactive. Not only during the Q&A sessions with the audience but also through social media. (follow us on FacebookTwitterYouTube and Google+).

Indeed, thanks to the hashtag #CILE2017 and the livestream offering the full coverage of the 2 days in EnglishFrench and Arabic, you will be able at any time to interact, ask questions, connect with the Conference using "#CILE2017" on Twitter. Moderators of the sessions will see your reactions / questions in real time and you will have answers to your questions, right behind your computer, tablet or phone, wherever you are in the world.

All information on #CILE2017 are available on its dedicated page here that we continuously update with new content such as the photos and the videos that will be uploaded after the Conference.

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