#CILE2019: All videos of CILE 7th Annual International Conference

#CILE2019 A Global Ethical Approach to Social Justice and Environmental Issues


Opening Session

Qur’an Recitation by Sh. Haitham Ali. Obaid Al-Dokhen - Education City Mosque (ECM)


Opening Speech by Dr. Emad El-Din Shahin - Dean of CIS, CILE Acting Director


Speech by Alhassan Abdul Rahman, President of CIS Student Council


Speech by Marita Lindberg Furehaug, CILE Alumni Network (CAN)


Session 1/3 moderated by Dr. Mohammed Ghaly


Dr. John Dalla Costa: Working Together: Growing Moral Bandwidth for a Global Ethics


Dr. Redouan Rochdi: The Impact of Shari’a Philosophical Values and the UN Charter on the Reform of the Modern World Order


Dr. Usama Al-Azami: Global Islamic Ethics in an Age of Neo- Liberal Inequality


Dr. Mu’taz Al Khatib: Justice in Islamic Thought: Concepts and  Contexts




Session 2/3 moderated by Dr. Rajai Ray Jureidini


Dr. Husna Ahmed: Ethical Review of Global  Environment Status


Dr. Juaida Ghanim: Imperialistic Approach to Environmental Science


Inga Härmälä: Transformative Islamic Ecology: A Study of Islamic Ecotheology in Action


Dr. Bouhania Qawi: Universal Ethics and Global Environmental Governance: What Impact Does Their Absence Have for International Environmental Management in Africa?




Session 3/3 moderated by Dr. Fethi Ahmed


Dr. Abdelmajid Najar: Rethinking the Environmental Situation: An Ethical Approach


Dr. Houssam Ghodbane: Analytical study of the impact of the Ethics of globalization According to the PESTEL Model


Dr. Esmat Mahmoud A Sulaiman: Social Justice and Poverty Issues in the Modern World: Philosophical Foundations and Convergent Values


Dr. Mohamed Yousri: The Global System: A critical Overview



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