[CILE Alumni] Impressions and reflections on CILE Granada Summer School 2017

Last May 19th 2017 marked the last day of CILE Granada Summer School 2017. (You can watch the videos here). That was (already!) the 4th Edition. Hundreds of students of all backgrounds and from all parts of the world attended. This is how CAN (CILE Alumni Network) was born:

"CAN stems from the encounter of individuals coming from different walks of life and driven by a quest of meaning inside the Islamic tradition. A unique bond was created between the fellow students of the first Summer School delivered by CILE who decided to combine their efforts in the pursuit of a common goal: striving for a better understanding of Islamic sciences and the contemporary context so as to provide answers to the present challenges"



Sabrina and Sana from the US, Romana from Canada, Anwar and his family from Switzerland, Tamim from Australia, Maryam from the UK, Nivin from Palestine, Amal from France, Lynda from Belgium and Yelena from Kazakhstan shared their reflections and thoughts about their participation at CILE Granada Summer School 2017. We invite you to read them by clicking the image below:



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