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[Call For Papers: Special Issue] Journal of Islamic Ethics (JIE): Islamic Ethics of Pandemics and Covid-19

The Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) is pleased to announce that the peer-reviewed Journal of Islamic Ethics (JIE), published by Brill, will dedicate a special issue to the moral questions triggered by the novel coronavirus pandemic, situating it within the broader context of ethics for pandemics throughout history. This special issue will be made available via Open Access, without cost to authors. Submitted papers can be written in English or Arabic.

The prospective issue is meant to provide a conceptually rigorous analysis of a wide range of relevant questions and issues from an interdisciplinary perspective within the rich Islamic tradition. Just as representative examples, we welcome submissions that critically address topics like contagion and causality; performance of religious rituals; social distancing, isolation of patients and quarantine; fear, stigma, scapegoating and xenophobia; duty of care and the obligation of saving lives; special obligations towards the vulnerable; medical utility and futility; allocation of scarce resources, medical rationing and triage; managing economic risks and business ethics; and any other related ethical issues within the broad frame of pandemics in general and/or Covid-19 in particular.

Besides covering a wide range of topics and perspectives, the Special Issue aims to address Islamic Ethics as an interdisciplinary field that includes various scholarly disciplines like Islamic theology, philosophy, jurisprudence (fiqh & uṣūl), Sufism, adab, etc. We also welcome submissions that will focus on specific genres inside or outside these disciplines. For example, interested researchers could provide critical historical analyses of religious scholars or physicians writing about plagues in the past (plague-genre), revealing the moral insights from historical treatises for pandemics of today. Submissions can also address specific virtues rooted in the Islamic tradition or agreed-upon maxims among Muslim jurists to show how they can be of applied relevance for addressing the moral complexities of pandemics.



The plan is to get the special issue published online by the end of this year. To facilitate the peer-review process and meet the publication deadline, papers should be submitted no later than 1st August 2020.



We accept papers written in English or Arabic.



Before submitting your paper, please carefully read the Instructions for Authors.

>> All papers should be submitted through the JIE portal <<


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