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[Dates updated] Call for Papers: Policies, Regulations & Bioethics of Genomic Research

In collaboration with the Research Center for Islamic Legislation and...

Islamic Bioethics and the Embryo: Critical Questions and Diverse Approaches

This seminar is organised by the Islamic Institute for Development...

New CILE Publication: Islamic Perspectives on the Principles of Biomedical Ethics

New CILE Publication* During the period 5-7 January 2013, the...

CILE Faculty Contributes to a Recent International Publication on Islamic Bioethics

As one of the recent publications on Islamic Bioethics, the...

Interview about CILE and Islamic Bioethics in Qatar Today

Dr. Mohammed Ghaly, Professor of Islam and Biomedical Ethics, was interviewed by Qatar Today to speak about his research field and bout CILE in general.

Priority Setting in Islamic Bioethics: Top 10 Bioethical Challenges in Islamic Countries

The ethical dilemmas raised by new advances in science and...

Islam, Paternity, and the Beginning of Life

The beginning of human life: islamic bioethical perspectives

Islamic Bioethics in the twenty-first century

Islamic bioethics is in good health, this article argues. During the twentieth century, academic researchers had to deal with a number of difficulties including the...

Islam and Biomedical Ethics

During the 1990s, biomedical scientists and Muslim religious scholars collaborated to construe Islamic responses for the ethical questions raised by the AIDS pandemic

01/2013 Principles of Biomedical Ethics: Islamic Perspectives

Searching for guiding principles has always been central in the Islamic tradition and some distinct scholarly disciplines already bear the word “principles”, or other synonyms,