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United Kingdom



  • 08/2015 CIMEF – Summer School Niger in French Language



  • 08/2013 CIMEF Senegal “Ethics, Governance and Peace: which contributions from the Islamic Thought?”


  • Sessions on the higher objectives of Islamic law and ethics at the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) European Summer School,2013


  • Lecture on: “The future of Europe and challenges of pluralism”, 2014
  • Lecture on: “Arab spring”: scenarios of participation, power-controlling, power-sharing and Western engagement”, 2014
  • Lecture on “Europe, Africa and radical Islam”, 2014
  • EEAS European Union External Action Service debate “Islam and “Western values”, 2014

Brunei Darussalam

  • Teaching at the Sultan Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien Centre for Islamic Studies (SOASCIS), Universiti Brunei Darussalam, 2013


  • Conferences about Islam and Ethics and booth for CILE representation in RIS annual convention, 2013
  • Lecture on “Spirituality and Ethics in the Canadian Context”, 2014


  • Panel participation at the Human Rights Conference, 2013


  • Lecture on “Ethics and Arts”, 2013.
  • Lecture “How to Put into Practice the Relationship between Islam and Politics”, 2014
  • Lecture on “Islam, Islamism, and the West”, 2014
  • Conferences, workshops and CILE booth in the Annual Muslim Fair, 2014
  • Lecture on “Rohingyas massacre in Burma”, 2014
  • Participation in the International Forum against Islamophobia, 2013

United Kingdom

  • Public short talk “Religion, spirituality and ethical responsibility”, 2013
  • Lecture “Why Studying Religion is So Important”, 2013
  • Lecture “Islamic Ethics and War”, 2013
  • Lecture on ” Contemporary Islamic Bioethics: The Challenge of Conflating the “Biomedical” and the “Religious”, 2014
  • Public lecture “The Arab Awakening: Islam and the New Middle East with focus on Egypt”, 2014
  • Student panel discussion “Qur’an, social ethics and human agency”, 2013
  • Public lecture “Egypt: Military Coup or People’s Revolution”, 2014
  • The Orwell Trust Annual Lecture, 2013


  • Participation in an International Conference on “Comparative Studies of Islamic Reasoning and Practice on Health and Sexuality”, 2014


  • Course on Religion and Bioethics, 2014
  • Lecture on: “Freedom of Speech and Responsibility”, 2013


  • Participation in a conference on “Sectarianism and the Manufacturing of Minorities”, 2014



  • A Course on Methodological Approaches in Dealing with Hadith, 2014


  • Lecture on “Fatwa and Revolution in Syria”, 2014


  • Various lectures in ICNA annual convention, 2014
  • Conferences about Islam and Ethics and booth for CILE representation in MAS-ICNA annual convention, 2013
  • Participation in Orange Crescent School’s annual dinner: “Schooling & Education” , 2014
  • Sessions about ethics and Quran, 2014
  • Lecture on “Religion, Media and Social Political Change”, 2014
  • Various CILE sessions at the ISNA 50th Annual Convention, 2013
  • Lecture on “Making Changes: An Ethical Thought”, 2013
  • Lecture on “Muslim jurists, the Modern Nation-States and Fatawa in a Time of Revolution”, 2014