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Book Review “After the Genome: A Language for our Biotechnological Future” by Dr Ebrahim Moosa

Dr Ebrahim Moosa | 28/06/2018

After the Genome: A Language for Our Biotechnological Future.[1] Michael…


Book Review “Drama of DNA: Narrative Genomics” by Dr Ebrahim Moosa

Dr Ebrahim Moosa | 25/06/2018

The Drama of DNA: Narrative Genomics[1] Karen H. Rothenberg and…


Human Dignity in the Islamic Bioethical Discourse on HIV/AIDS

Sheikh Farouq Fareez | 25/06/2018

Introduction One of the huge challenges for those who want…


Book Review “The Human Genetics and its applications” By Dr Tammam Al-Ludaimi

Dr. Tammam Al-Ludaimi | 10/06/2018

Human Genetics and its Applications A Comparative Juristic Study  …


Islamic Ethics and Refugees: reflections on the responses of Muslim-majority countries to the Syrian Refugee “Crisis”

Tamim Mobayed | 17/01/2018

This paper discusses the responses of two groups of Muslim-majority…