Area of Research – CILE - Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics

Previous Activities

04/2017 What is Human Nature? Ethical Reflections on Human Genes and the Soul

CILE | 26/03/2017

What role do our genes, and the whole genome in general, play in our material and non-material makeup as humans? What can these genes do


10/2015 Family in the Age of Science: Ethical Challenges between Islam and Medicine

CILE | 12/10/2015

The panel addresses a number of the core ethical questions and challenges that the institution of the family will have to face, both today and


10/2014 Islamic Ethics in Era of Genome

CILE | 02/10/2014

The Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) resumes its series of events for the new academic year by organizing a public lecture on


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