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CILE Receives a Prestigious Grant and Leads an International Research Project on Genomics and Islamic Ethics

The Research Center for Islamic Legislation & Ethics (CILE) has recently received a prestigious grant from the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) under its celebrated flagship funding program, National Priorities Research Program (NPRP). The grant is given to the three-year research project “Indigenizing Genomics in the Gulf Region (IGGR): The Missing Islamic Bioethical Discourse” which officially started in September 2016. The project will fathom out the Islamic ethical perspectives on a plethora of ethical questions raised by the modern technologies of genomics. The project is meant to be an academic platform for conducting research in the emerging field of genomics and Islamic ethics and to be of service for the ongoing national genomic initiatives in the Gulf region, especially the Qatar Genome Program and the Saudi Human Genome Program.

The Lead Principal Investigator (LPI) of the project is Dr. Mohammed Ghaly, CILE Professor of Islam and Biomedical Ethics. The research team of the project (about 15 in total) consists of an interdisciplinary group of high-profile academic researchers including specialists in genomics and biomedical sciences besides those specialized in Islamic Studies and also Muslim religious scholars. 

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