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[Update: photos] CILE organizes a seminar on methodology "Ijtihad in Contemporary Context: Concept, Functions and Methods" 27-29 September 2016

Contemporary thinking on the concept of Ijtihad (religious reasoning) has passed through many different junctures and contexts. This seminar seeks to revive the history of the concept of Ijtihad in the modern era - its contexts, functions and methods that locate Ijtihad at the heart of the intellectual and social transformations within Islam. 

It is not the purpose of this seminar to return to fundamental (usuli) discussions on Ijtihad, as in the writings of Usul al Fiqh (fundamentals of jurisprudence), and as attempted by some contemporary researchers. The goal is to assess the status of Ijtihad and thought in the modern era - the period from Ottoman rule to the present.

This period has been rich in debates, interpretations and reforms. Presentations will be given from 12 research scholars coming from various countries of the Arab world, the USA, Africa and Europe. As per CILE's tradition since its launch in 2012, this seminar will be closed to let more space to the discussions between the participants. But we will be very happy to welcome you all to our public lecture on Sept 28th "Ijtihad: What for?".


[Update: photos]

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Salm very interested to partcipate in the seminar on ijthihad. But im at srilanka. Can i get live videos via you tube channal jazkllh

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