Dr Carrie York Al-Karam
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[Audio Podcast] Defining Islamic Psychology - Dr. Carrie York Al-Karam

Karim Serageldin is an American Muslim counselor and educator. He is the founder of Noor Human Consulting and has a passion for psychology, relationships, religion, philosophy, science, and art. Coffee with Karim aims to provide Muslims and people of all backgrounds a space to share their life gifts, to think, to learn, to feel and connect as humans. You will get to hear meaningful life lessons and wisdom from many human traditions. Let's build bridges between communities, meet dynamic guests and enhance the human experience one cup of coffee at a time!



CILE will hold a three-day seminar entitled "Islamic Psychology: Defining a Psychology" during the period April 2-4, 2018 moderated by Dr Carrie York Al-Karam.

In the following conversation about Islamic Psychology with Karim Serageldin, upcoming seminar at CILE is mentioned at the 21st minute.


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