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CILE Faculty Contributes to a Recent International Publication on Islamic Bioethics

As one of the recent publications on Islamic Bioethics, the prestigious journal Die Welt des Islams dedicated its issue no. 55/2015 to the topic “The Social Politics of Islamic Bioethics”. The guest editors of this thematic issue were Morgan Clarke (University of Oxford, UK), Thomas Eich and Jenny Schreiber (University of Hamburg, Germany).

Besides the guest editors, the contributions included in this issue were authored by five other academics from various countries. As far as CILE is concerned, Dr. Mohammed Ghaly, Professor of Islam and Biomedical Ethics, contributed with an article entitled “Biomedical Scientists as Co-Muftis: Their Contribution to Contemporary Islamic Bioethics”. 


·       The abstract and the full article of Dr. Ghaly is available HERE 

·       The contents of the thematic issue and links to the individual articles can be accessed HERE

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