Ali M. Al-Qaradaghi, Franz-Theo Gottwald & Isabel Schatzschneider
مجالات البحث
9/14 Sharia-Set as a Framework for Addressing Contemporary Environmental Challenges

The main article in this book addresses the contemporary environment challenges from the Higher Objectives of Islamic Sharia perspective. It reviews the great principles presented by the Qur’an and Sunna on the environment. Then, focuses on the salient ethical principles in handling environmental issues. This is in order to build an integral theory that helps maintain the necessary ecological balance. The author begins with an explanation of the key terms in the title then provides the Qur’an and Sunna insights on the environment emphasizing the ethical and doctrinal aspects. Then, he explores the relationship between the higher objectives of Sharia and the environment. He argues that achieving the higher objectives of Sharia is only possible through the environment as it is the essential factor for man’s life and survival, for protecting his soul and mind, and safeguarding his family, children, and honor. Thus, the environment is an essential prerequisite for the preservation of all collective objectives. Therefore, preserving and developing it is the foremost objective and the utmost end. The author concludes by highlighting the ethical guiding principles in dealing with the environment and the way forward to sustain the ecological balance.

The respondents begins by highlighting the need for a holistic approach to environmental issues (Integral Ecology). Then, they provide an analysis of the Integral Ecology and Higher Objectives of Sharia to model the ethical statements about the contemporary environmental challenges in the main article. The response also includes a discussion on key aspects of environmental, agricultural and food ethics and conclude by propositions for further discourse emphasizing that Islam is rich in environmental knowledge and provides morale as well as legislation to guide human behavior toward living decent lives in a sustainable lifestyle.

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