Academical openness and moral demanding As a doctor I knew that our system modified in the basis of "academically competitive but morally free.... It's completely wrong approach... Bcs we are dealing with human life...wellbeing of human being.... Power role nothing to do with saving humanity.... Indeed we knew that We can't save all life...we are the player ....we did as much as possible with the higher intention of saving life... So the objective per se doesn't solely demanding intellectual capacity but questioning the intention.if we see the patient as a diagnostic challenge and see as "case" I thing we miss the point... What's the objective? Yes as a Doctor we practice with higher objectives... But in the grass root level when we teach to the students we emphasize and grow up the "competitive mindset ".Its nothing to do with the objective will surely reflect in our growing mindset... We are academically very productive but not willing to serve to community... With fully convinced mind...We do everything for sake of job,money,titles.... Are we trying to become a god...or try to preserve our place.... I thing we cheat everyone of us So our objective should be intellectually free... We have to try to make the students well equipped not by putting overload and demanding them but with complete back support intellectually and psychologically. Because in the name of good objective if we push the people to do something in a harsh way that won't work...As much as possible we have minimize the risk and give complete dignity. At the time we should be more strict on the moral obligations and objective and Haman values...It should be assessed u think it's look like more conservative or religious approach of course yes.. If we define our objective in the name of human values this is the only rational & logical way... As a student I'm completely knew one fact that our students don't feel comfortable..they are not willing to save humanity..they don't feel comfortable... Not only physically but psychologically... They don't feel they have real what's the point of teaching.. Surely we are pushing very hardly to become a such a doctor.....I don't thing their mindset adapt with higher objective.... End of the day we are running behind the job market and compete with private practice.... Medical schools are responsible

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