Yamin Makri is 48 years, married and father of 4 children. He was born in France and it is in France where he studied. In 1987, he gained his dental surgeon's diploma (dentist). In 1988, he founded a local organization the “Union of the young muslims”. This organization aimed at expressing that Islam is now a French religion. In 2004, we launched an Islamic training center : the Ash-Shatibi training center. ( and  In 1989, we founded the publishing house “Tawhid”, it is a publishing house specialized in the islamic culture in French language. Today this islamic publishing house is one the most important of the French-speaking world and we sell its books in all the muslim french-speaking area (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, western Africa). I am at present the Chief Executive Officer of this structure. ( and

In 1992, we launch a national structure which has the same objectives as the UJM (union of the young muslims) but its activities extend throughout France. It is the “Collectif des musulmans de France” (  In 1996, on the initiative of Pr. Tariq Ramadan, we set up “Presence Musulmane” which acts on all the french-speaking area. The objective is to develop an understanding faithful and conceptualized of our Texts (Qur’ân and Sunna). We also encourage all the organizations members to multiply concerted actions with the not-muslim organizations. ( In 2002, I participate in the creation of the “Collective 69 of solidarity with the Palestinian people”, this organization groups together not-muslim organizations (politics organizations, syndicates, civil society) ( During summer, 2011, I participate in the second international flotilla to break the blockade on Gaza. About fifteen western countries is represented. We are arrested in international waters, near Gaza, by the Israeli strengths. Imprisoned and questioned for two days, we are finally expelled each in the country of origin. A journalist and a cameraman of Al Jazeera accompanied us and were also expelled. ( Today, with others brothers and sisters, we set up a national organization : “French union of muslim consumers”. Because the reflections around alternative economy, around ecology and subject of the ethics in the consumption become major questions. We have this day 3500 members. (