Khadija Bengana
Presenter at Al Jazeera

Khadija Bengana is an Algerian media figure working in Al Jazeera channel in Qatar. She was born in Algeria in 1965 and graduated at the Media Institute, the University of Algiers, Department of Radio and Television. She subsequently joined École du Louvre for qualifying professional journalists in Paris, then began her work in 1986 in the Algerian radio before moving to the Algerian TV as a key newscaster at the 8:00 pm newscast. She also partook in outdoor coverage and participated in several political programs on the Algerian issues, the assassination of the former Algerian President Mohamed Boudiaf and the breakout of the black decade in Algeria. She also took part in covering the First Gulf War during this period. For four years, she served as a newscaster and was responsible for the weekly program on Arab community in the Swiss Radio International. Following that, she joined Al Jazeera when it first began broadcasting in 1996 among the co-founding generation of Al Jazeera, where she has continued working until now. In Al Jazeera, Khadija participated in covering several hot events and wars including war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq, Lebanese war and second Palestinian Intifada.