Dr Jamila Mossali

Dr El-Mossali gained her doctorate in the field of Islamic History and Civilization and has a Graduate Diploma of Thought and Civilization. She is a politician affiliated with the Islamist Party of Justice and Development, which is leading the current government following its victory during the last legislative elections. Dr El-Mossalli has been a long-term advocate for women’s rights. In Morocco, she is a member of the Forum “Al-Zahraa” that works to enhance awareness among women and advocates for their participation in Morocco’s economic, social and political spheres; a founding manager of the Centre Al Wiam pour l'Assistance Familiale (Al Wiam); a member of the National Commission on Implementing Women's Representation Support Fund, the Moroccan Commission on National Dialogue, the Executive Office of the Moroccan Parliamentarians Against Corruption, the Association of Writers of Renewal (Amman), and a former Member of Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination, Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. She has authored numerous publications concerning the family and women's involvement in politics and social development, including the book: Almosharakah as-siasyyah li-almara’h bayn alwaqi`wal ma’moul (Political Participation of Woman between Reality and hope), published in 2009 by the Al Wiam Center; and Alhrkah alnsaa'iah fi almghrb alma'asr; etjahat wkdhaya (Feminism in Contemporary Morocco), Al Jazeera Centre for Studies in 2013. She is currently a Member (from 2002) as well as Secretary and Speaker (from 2011) of the Moroccan House of Representatives, and a visiting professor at the Faculty of Law, Mohammed V University.