Dr. Abdulfattah S. Mohamed

Dr Abdulfatah Mohamed has been working for more than 26 years in various sectors, from major corporations to International Organizations, NGOs and Government institutions in the UK, Switzerland, Qatar, Africa and Middle East.  His career path has been shaped by adopting inter-disciplinary approaches to contribute in solving socio-economic and global recent challenges such as violent extremism, conflicts and global complex challenges.  He has been a consultant to governments, institutions and NGOs, the OIC, the Islamic Development Bank, the Cordoba Foundation in Geneva, among others. As a director for an International NGO based in London he contributed to the design of a new approach for a dialogue among Muslim youth and law enforcement agencies in the UK and Europe to bridge the work of Islamic Humanitarian NGOs with international humanitarian frameworks and systems.  He also contributed to the design and leadership of the Qatari Foreign Aid Assistance Strategy. He has been nominated as Independent Thematic Advisor for the World Humanitarian Summit and the Scientific Advisor for the State of Qatar on Sustainable Development Goals and Financing for Development Processes. He has recently been appointed to advise the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in Qatar as well as advising the UN Secretary General Special Envoy for Humanitarian Affairs. Mohamed holds a BSc Degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from King Fahd University in Saudi Arabia, an MSc in Management Sciences and a PhD in Politics from University of Sheffield, UK.